Karaoke Success Story: Punch Bowl Social Ups the Entertainment Ante

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27 Aug Karaoke Success Story: Punch Bowl Social Ups the Entertainment Ante

When Punch Bowl Social decided to add private suite karaoke to their unique mix of fun, food and social entertainment, it took their business to the next level.

There’s a lot to do at Punch Bowl Social. From craft cocktails to arcade games, creative meals to bowling, guests are guaranteed a good time. This unique venue attracts the young and hip for big celebrations and relaxed Friday nights, and the business’s leaders saw an opportunity to keep their clientele coming back for more.

Private suite karaoke offered a chance to increase engagement with Punch Bowl Social guests, giving them a memorable social experience with an exclusive VIP feel. In 2013, they added two private karaoke rooms to their new Portland location and equipped them with Voicebox Core and Cloud.

The investment paid off – since adding Voicebox-enabled private suite karaoke to their business, Punch Bowl Social has seen over 30% ROI and they’re seeing the excitement from their guests.

“Voicebox’s private suite karaoke has become a key part of the Punch Bowl Social experience,” says Punch Bowl Social’s CFO, Robert Cornog.

The success in Portland led leaders to expand the strategy across all four of their existing venues, plus six new locations that are in the works. “Without a doubt, Voicebox has the best karaoke solution we have seen,” Rob Cornog says. “It is easy to use and easy to enjoy. Voicebox worked with us at every step to ensure our karaoke facilities provide a high quality entertainment experience to our guests.”

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