Checklist: Bringing Private Suite Karaoke To Your Family Entertainment Center


14 Aug Checklist: Bringing Private Suite Karaoke To Your Family Entertainment Center

Private suite karaoke can be a profitable attraction for your existing center, but you have to do your research. We created a handy checklist for FEC operators searching for the perfect guest experience and real ROI.

Every industry is looking for the next big thing. Especially when your business relies on keeping people entertained and coming back for more, it’s essential to follow the right trends and determine if they’re viable for your center.

Private suite karaoke is still a relatively new offering in the West, but its popularity is rapidly growing within the family entertainment center industry. More and more FEC operators are discovering that private karaoke rooms are attracting large, affluent groups to their venues, increasing the guests’ length of stay, and driving ROI across all attractions. But a good operator always does their research, so we’re sharing 6 tips on researching, selecting and implementing new karaoke technology at an existing center.

Will Private Suite Karaoke Work With My Existing Entertainment Options?

  • Consider your existing customers and what keeps them coming back. Private suite karaoke attracts young adults in the afternoons and adult customers in the evenings, bringing them in to explore your other attractions. 
  • Make sure your venue has adequate space for a karaoke room. You’ll need at least 80 square feet of space to properly build out a small karaoke room for 8 to 10 people. Also consider future expansion – many of our clients start with one and soon want to add two or three more rooms!
  • Here are some approximate sizes to plan your new karaoke space:
      • Small Room for 8-10 people: 80 sq. ft.
      • Medium Room for 12-18 people: 150 sq. ft.
      • Large Room for 20-30 people: 350 sq. ft.


How Do I Select The Tech I Need for Great Karaoke?

  • Top-of-the-line karaoke experiences are more than a TV screen and a microphone. Learn more about performance equipment options that will differentiate your karaoke rooms from the bar down the street.
  • Explore the options and decide what’s right for your business. Of course you should start with quality sound equipment, but it might not be necessary to incorporate a fully cloud-connected music library and marketing system for your karaoke guests right away. Voicebox Industries is here to help with business consulting and easily layered technology packages, so your capabilities can grow with your ROI.


How Should I Market Private Suite Karaoke to My Guests?

  • Run a promotion to educate your community about private suite karaoke. Tell people about the personalized, private experience that’s great for milestone events and family gatherings – this is not your typical dive bar karaoke joint! Consider offering your loyal customers a discount when they bring friends for their first private karaoke experience.
  • Make sure your guests know about your karaoke rooms before they arrive. Announce the new offering on your social media channels, and think about advertising in your community. Private suite karaoke is an excellent way to attract new guests who will then explore your other entertainment offerings.

Still unsure about whether private suite karaoke will work for your venue? The Voicebox Industries team is here to help. We’ll work with you one-on-one to determine your goals, help facilitate construction, customize technology packages and much more. We can’t wait to help you bring karaoke to your guests! Contact our team today!

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