3 Advantages – Guest Relationship Management


15 Sep 3 Advantages – Guest Relationship Management

From managing guest bookings to sending personalized follow up emails, your karaoke business needs a customer relationship management tool. Streamline your team’s work and grow guest loyalty with Voicebox GRM.

Whether you’re running a new karaoke venue or operating an established family entertainment center location, you know the importance of developing connections with your guests. As your customer base grows, it becomes harder – if not impossible – to establish and keep track of these connections manually, which is why you need a CRM tool to help.

Customer relationship management allows small businesses to manage their client contact info, customize communications and track their business progress in one central tool. Luckily for our clients, Voicebox Industries offers a CRM just for karaoke businesses – we call it GRM2.

Learn more about the top 3 reasons why you need a CRM for your karaoke business:

Manage guest contacts

We’ve seen far too many small business owners with a clipboard at the front desk that screams “Sign Up for Emails!” and a handful of addresses scrawled in pen. Not only is this method messy and unprofessional, it’s ineffective. Optimize staff time and collect more email addresses with GRM2’s online booking integration. You’ll collect email addresses during the booking process, so you can import new contacts directly into your list.

Customize communications

Successful guest communication is all about custom, well-timed messages. GRM2 lets you see each guest’s booking history, so you can create custom emails for everyone from your most loyal customers to the newest guest, and helps you communicate key details to guests before, during and after their visit to your business – your staff will use it to provide personal touches throughout the guest’s time in your venue and beyond. GRM2 even has a MailChimp plugin that allows you to easily customize emails with your branding.

Simplify automation for guest retention

From the moment your guest makes their online reservation, your business has an opportunity to delight them and solidify your relationship. A reminder email keeps the upcoming reservation top of mind and reduces no-shows. After their visit, send a well-timed thank you email; GRM allows you to automatically send each guest custom content, including their party’s full playlist history to  keep the good vibes going longer.

GRM2 is a part of the Voicebox GRM package, a complete private suite karaoke solution.

Voicebox Industries is here to help make your private karaoke business a success. Learn about all our services and contact us for a personal consultation.

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