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Voicebox Industries transcends the universal appeal of karaoke through a fun, upscale, and thoroughly modern experience.

Prior to 2008, karaoke in Portland was “old-school” with KJ’s pulling names and song titles off a list. Scott Simon saw the potential for more. Not only did he see the need for Asian-style private karaoke, he wasn’t happy with the technology already on the market. He wanted to create a private suite karaoke experience where friends sing their favorite songs together. Seven years later, Voicebox Karaoke has introduced Asian box-style karaoke to Portland, and Voicebox Industries is now enabling owners and operators around the nation to bring this proven and exciting concept to their venues.

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Voicebox Locations

Scott Simon

Before founding Voicebox, Scott Simon was a hardware engineer for Cisco Systems in San Jose, California. While visiting South Korea at age 26, he discovered the surprising power of private-suite karaoke to connect human beings – even complete strangers.

Fast forward several years later, and Scott couldn’t get private-suite karaoke off his mind. Unable to find a karaoke bar one night out with friends, he did his research and opened the original Voicebox in Northwest Portland just one year later.

Today, Scott builds businesses and technology that elevate the best in our human nature, in the midst of trends that threaten to isolate us.

Scott Simon

Scott Lennartz

Scott Lennartz

With over 15 years of experience, Scott Lennartz is the perfect person to head Marketing and Business Development at Voicebox. He has a strong history of creating revenue streams and hiring extremely efficient teams for organizations. Scott’s biggest strengths lie in finding clear strategic decisions.

When he’s not spearheading as VP of Marketing and Business Development, Scott can be found practicing yoga. He decided to combine his yoga expertise with his business smarts and now owns the successful Yoga Bhoga in Portland, Oregon.

Carter Thaxton

Carter Thaxton is the Vice President of Technology at Voicebox Karaoke. His deepest interest lies in the intersect between music and technology. He has a passion for designing systems that look great, feel good to use, and are built to last – which makes him a great fit for Voicebox. Carter has over 15 years of experience across a variety of technical industries.

When he’s not at Voicebox, Carter is playing his trumpet anywhere he can – whether at a music festival, wandering around Portland, or spending time with new and old friends alike.

Carter Thaxton



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